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Head, Hand & Foot Massage

Such energetically potent areas in the body are the head, hands and feet. While our minds are busily working to balance an ever increasing demand of worldly attention and impressions, our feet are working diligently to hold us steadily upon the Earth~sometimes for many hours at a time. Our hands are our means of giving our hearts offerings to the world through our work and our own spirit of giving. There is no doubt that these areas could use a little extra love and attention unto themselves. For this session, clients remain clothed, relaxing on a massage table while receiving massage for the head, face, ears, hands and feet to help relieve the tension patterns both physically and energetically that may result from our lifestyles. As there are many connections from the head, hands and feet to other parts of the body, the relaxing results of this session can have a holistic effect. 

60 minutes, $70